10 Worst Excuses For Taking A Day Off Sick

When you were at school and your teacher asked where your homework was, did you throw in the odd excuse that your dog ate your homework? Since we were kids, people all over the world have become more and more creative about the excuses we give for anything from homework to being late for work or calling in sick. In CareerBuilder’s survey “Out of the Office,” more than one-third of U.S. workers say they played hooky from work over the last twelve months. Thirty-five percent of workers admit to calling in sick when they felt well at least once during the last year, and one-in-ten say they did so three or more times.

Why are they calling in sick? The top three motivators for faking include attending to personal errands and appointments, catching up on sleep and simply relaxing. The reasons also include attending a child’s event, bad weather, making plans with friends and going on a job interview.

“Truth can be stranger than fiction,” Jennifer Grasz, the CareerBuilder spokesperson who ran the study, told The Huffington Post. “Sometimes the outrageous happens. Whether your employer believes you will depend heavily on your track record and performance with the company.”

The online survey conducted by Harris Interactive found just how loosely the term “sick day” is being used in the workplace. According to the approximately 6,500 hiring managers, HR professionals and workers surveyed, 34 percent of employees who call in sick just don’t feel like going into work, 29 percent feel like they needed to relax, 22 percent have a doctor’s appointment, 16 percent want to catch up on sleep and 15 percent need to run errands.

Although some companies might let a few days slide, most employers don’t let their staff get away with it. have fired employees for calling in with a fake excuse.”If an employer catches you lying, it can put your professionalism and reliability into question,” Grasz said. “Your best bet is to be honest.”

Here are the top excuses for calling in sick:

  1. Suffering from a broken heart
  2. Getting sick after reading too much
  3. Becoming too ‘upset’ after watching the hunger games
  4. Bitten by a bird
  5. Getting a toe stuck in the tap
  6. A grandmother being exhumed for police investigation
  7. Saying your dog was having a nervous breakdown
  8. Forgetting you’ve been hired
  9. Hair turning orange after home dying went wrong
  10. Sobriety tool wouldn’t let the car start

What are the worst excuses you’ve heard from colleagues, staff or others throughout the years? I would love to hear them…


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