Recruiters please take note

For anyone who is in recruitment and wants to headhunt someone, here’s some rules..

1) Actually READ that person’s CV PROPERLY. You have eyes in your head, use them.
2) Don’t brief a person for something they clearly do not want to do.
3) Ramble. We’re not here to listen to your constant blabber – get to the point or get off my phone line.
4) Get arssy when they say, they’re not looking for a new job.
5) Insist on getting hold of that person’s contacts. I don’t know you, therefore I won’t pass on the details of my friends.
6) Insist your ‘refer a friend’ is better than anyone elses… a few beers won’t make you my new best friend.

Some recruiters really baffle me.


One thought on “Recruiters please take note

  1. I understand why so many Recruiters headhunt people at work but personally i think it is terrible and not needed now. Especially when so may initiate it with a lie, how is that a start to a relationship of any kind? Candidates being told a friend is on the phone or a family member and they are the tame lies! I once spoke with a candidate who had been headhunted and told by reception the hospital was on the phone and that her Dad had been in an accident! I mean it’s unthinkable. But many recruiters are under such pressure with the old school methods used by their employers they are utterly desperate.

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