My faith in humanity has been restored – Company offers free sand to flooded towns

ADL Grab Hire based in Ascot have set up a Facebook page broadcasting to anyone within 10 miles of Windsor, can have up to 16 tonnes of sand delivered to their area, in this hard time of the flooding. With so many villages, towns and areas complaining that the government and local authorities are doing little to help this time in crisis, this act of kindness wins my vote.
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ADL Grab Hire actually specialises in the removal of Waste, Bulk Excavation Work and supply of new and recycled aggregates, but since joining social network Facebook last month, they have been most promoting their good will, telling people they have loose reject sand, available for you for free, for anyone living within 10 miles of Windsor.
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This incredible act of kindness, puts most of the help from the government to shame, where most MPs are ‘helping’ by standing around in their designer wellies, giving interviews and really not doing very much else. Even though the army are in helping areas in needs, down in Surrey, not much is being done, leaving a fair few upset, annoyed and very much pissed off.
Currently the Facebook page has 96 fans, but with the many shares, likes and interactions they will get their message across.
If you know anyone who lives within 10 miles of Windsor and needs help, who would like tonne-bags to help keep their homes protected, please do ‘like’ this page and help spread the word.
Write a message on their FB wall. They are also aiming to get to Staines, Shepperton and more very shortly:

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