More roles coming in thick and fast…

I’ve got some great new roles coming in looking for someone like you to fill them, yes, you.

I have these active roles at the moment, if you’re interested in any of them, get in touch:

  • Sales and Marketing Executive – leading multi-platform agency in Covent Garden [3-5 years experience] £25-30k + uncapped commission
  • Community Manager – fun social media agency in Farringdon [2-3 years experience] £25-30k basic
  • Digital Account Manager x 2 – fab social media agency in Farringdon [3-4 years experience] £30-35k
  • Digital Account Manager – creative social media agency in Kingston [3-5 years experience] £30-35k
  • Senior Digital Account Manager/AD – creative social media consultancy in Kingston [6+ years exp] £40-45k
  • Social Media Account Manager – creative social media consultancy in Kingston [2-4 years exp] £30-35k
  • Social Media Content Manager – digital agency near Goodge St [2-3 years exp] £180-250p.d

These are amongst some of the others coming on each day, so if you’re interested or know some one who is, please get in touch.


You know you want to.


I hate time-wasting recruiters

Why do some recruiters call you up to tell you about a fantastic opportunity, when really all they want is your details to spam the shit out of your inbox at a later date? What’s the point? I don’t see the point, do you? I’m a recruiter, if I have a job for you, I’ll get in touch, if I don’t, I’d rather be honest with you and let you know what I do and don’t have, and if I can’t help you, I’ll forward you to someone who might be able to instead.

It really gets my goat, when cowboy recruiters feel the need to get in touch and give their sales pitch about that awesome job down in who-gives-a-crap-place, paying up to £40k, that is soooo perfect for you, but really it’s a con, there is nothing, apart from, ‘you must come in and register with us with your passport, your driving license, your goldfish’s date of birth and sign these documents that make you our property for ever *cue evil laugh*.’ No.

Don’t waste my time. I hate it. Waste my time, you go into the blocked calls zone on my phone. And don’t ask me to connect on LinkedIn, only to want to gain access to my connections.

I don’t want to time waste my candidates either. I don’t see the point. I’m new setting up by myself, so although I have roles across the industry, I don’t have as many as a recruitment agency might do. I’m slowly building up my network of candidates and clients, but it’s just me, so although I work 14 hours a day, am available all the time on the phone, or email or Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, it is just me, no resourcer [yet], so if I don’t have something, I’ll tell you. I’m an upfront, straight to the top, a chatty, fun recruiter who builds on good relationships with my candidates and clients.

If you disagree and think I’ve been crap, feel free to comment.



Twitter on paper [infographic]

The online microblogging social network has no doubt become a huge part of our society. Since being created back in 2006, the service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with over 500 million registered users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billionsearch queries per day. It’s part of a lot of people’s lives, including mine and the numbers are staggering. Here’s a great infographic showing Twitter on paper.

[Source: http://gobieta.com]


CEO’s should follow in Sir Richard Branson’s footsteps and use social media [infographic]

Sir Richard Branson knows how to use social media. You would think so with his brilliant ability to keep the world updated with the latest info, gossip, details and news about his ever-expanding business. What started as a bootstrapped mail-order record retailer that he founded in 1970 is now an empire of more than 300 companies in 30 countries that span diverse industries such as music, travel, health and beyond. On Twitter, Richard has over 3 million followers, he has a Facebook account with over 378k fans and over 4 million people have him in circles on Google+. He knows how to communicate with his audience through his brand and he knows how to do it well. Sir Richard Branson is just one of a very few who know how to use social media. Some CEO’s just can’t be bothered or maybe don’t understand the concept of using social media and how it really can make a difference with their business. If a business has used social media and a CEO thinks it doesn’t work, you’re doing something wrong. In this day and age everyone needs some exposure across social media to help their business.

This great infographic by MBA Online shows how CEO’s should use social media. It’s never too late to get started.


What to wear to an interview? First impressions count.. [infographic]

You’ve bagged the interview, you’re up there with 5 other potentials and now it’s your time to shine. Your time to show that employer why the other 5 potentials have got nothing on you and why you really can succeed in this position because you’re the best in your field. Now to complete the puzzle you need to figure what outfit you’re going to wear to your interview. You have spent an absurd amount of time preparing for that big interview, and you finally landed it! Now the next big thing to worry about is what to wear. First impressions have lasting effect on employers, therefore, you don’t want to go into your big interview looking like a TOWIE extra or a hobo. It’s important to get the dress, hit right on the head.

As much as your inner style guru may like the way the oompah loompah, boob-in-your-face, tight dress, short-barely-covering-your-backside TOWIE look, don’t think about going there for any interview.


Dressing appropriately and sensibly is a must for any interview from working in the oil industry to working in fashion. Your office attire may very well be shorts and trainers on a day to day basis but the interview is the one place you need to get 150% right. Every tiny detail of your wardrobe that day can determine the impression you leave on an employer. Unless an employer says come dressed as Mickey Mouse, don’t go dressed down. Some employers expect candidates to wear a suit, others are more easy going and prefer smart casual. This means leave the Reeboks at home and opt for smart shoes or boots.

This great infographic gives you all you need to know about what to wear and what not to wear to that all important interview:


Do you lie on your CV? You won’t believe the amount of people who do… [Infographic]

Last year 25,000 people were asked to participate in a survey about finding a job and employment. Of those 25k people, 20% admitted they would lie on their CV if it meant they could impress a future boss.

Tony Wilmot, founder of Staffbay, which conducted the survey, said:

Obviously, these figures are shocking, but with as many as 80 people chasing the same job it’s hardly surprising that some jobseekers are prepared to bend the rules a little to enter the world of work. 

It’s pleasing to see that 80% of the jobseekers we surveyed are honest, but what is very apparent from these results is the need for those seeking work to differentiate themselves.

Simple paper CVs just don’t make you stand out from the crowd these days; what employers want to do is find out more about job applicants before they call them in for an interview, and they simply can’t do this by flicking through a paper CV.

People lie on their CV for a number of reasons but mostly it’s to impress their new employer, but wouldn’t you want to do well within your new position or would falling flat on your face seem far more appropriate? Making simple mistakes and being oblivious to your industry’s jargon are telltale signs of a deceptive resume. With the job market how it is though, more and more people are taking extreme measures to ensure employment. Lying about degrees, past positions and inflating previous salaries are prime examples.

Fortunately LinkedIn adds hope of crossing off those who like to tell fibs on their CV. Due to your connections online, the world and it’s nan can see your CV displayed to the world from your work experience, your skills and your recommendations. All of these real recommendations and endorsements are there for future employers to see and if they needed to be contacted, any lying boo boo’s you’ve done on your CV can catch you out quicker than Jerry outsmarts Tom. It’s worldly known recruiters and employers should use LinkedIn in their candidate search and this great infographic shows that honestly really is the best medicine..



Dannii Introduces New Social Media Consultancy

Hello, hello. So, if anyone knows me, they would know that I recently started up a social media consultancy helping recruitment agencies and small businesses find their voice online, communicate with their audience and increase traffic to their website and business.

Just to get the intro’s going, I thought what better way than pinging this across a little more about what my social media consultancy is and how it may in fact help you.


Social Comoonnity is a social media consultancy based in West London and is the brain child of award-winning social media community manager Danielle Moon. Danielle noticed a gap in the market where companies didn’t know how to brand themselves online and helps them find their voice.

Social Comoonnity covers all core functional disciplines within Employer Branding, Community Management, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

How do we do this?

  • We listen to you and your audience
  • We find your voice
  • We identify key influencers
  • We develop the best creative campaigns that work across all platforms

If you’re looking to expand your online presence, feel like a penny lost in a big well or not hitting your target market like you think you should, contact me now on 07880 364 781 or email me at danielle@socialcomoonnity.com