I hate spam. I hate email spam. I hate Twitter spam. I hate text message spam. Actually I hate ALL SPAM. Does anyone actually like getting spam? Anyone? All those out there who send the spam, I’m assuming there is a lot of you worldwide, do you like getting spam? The spam I’m referring to is also known as electronic junk mail, unwanted and unsolicited advertising for a product or service not that squidgy pink thing classed as food.

I’m not interested in getting rich quicker than the fat cats or losing more than 6lbs in 24 hours. I would just like to open my email and not see thousands of crap building up in my inbox. It’s irritating. It’s not one spam email or a ‘few’ a day it actually is a ridiculous amount of crap that pisses me off no end. It also gets my goat when a spam message sometimes labelled with your bank/building society’s name in the title and Miss Moon screaming for me to open it’s stupidly important email and it’s non other than a virus. Hands up if a spam email has given your computer some sort of virus? I’d really love it if I didn’t get spam anymore. Maybe that’s something I should’ve asked Santa for. Despite the evolution of anti spam software, such as spam filters and spam blockers, the negative effects of spam are still being felt by individuals and businesses alike. According to SpamLaws.com Spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day. In other words, spam makes up 45% of all emails. Some research companies estimate that spam email makes up an even greater portion of global emails, some 73% in fact. The United States is the number one generator of spam email, with Korea clocking in as the second largest contributor of unwanted email. The most prevalent type of spam is advertising-related email; this type of spam accounts for approximately 36% of all spam messages. The second most common category of spam is adult-related in subject and makes up roughly 31.7% of all spam. Unwanted emails related to financial matters is the third most popular form of spam, at 26.5%. Surprisingly, scams and fraud comprise only 2.5% of all spam email; however, identity theft (which is known as phishing) makes up 73% of this figure.

As much as spam pisses people off no end, there are anti spam measures that promise to block spam in the hope to fight again unwanted emails to your inbox. You can buy products such as SymantecCloud which is a spam filter service that prevents email spam from reaching your network and improves employee productivity by virtually eliminating the need to read and delete unsolicited messages. Other spam filters include the big email accounts such as MSN  which blocks some 2.4 billion spam emails every day. Saying that all this ‘Spam Filtering Systems’ can in fact be bypassed and Spam can still get through. It just would be great to have a time when spam no longer exists. No longer floods my email account and sod off to where the sun doesn’t shine. Or fired millions and millions at any given time to the assholes who send them to us in the first place.

I’m praying that junk emails will go away. Not that that will happen anytime soon. Why? It’s estimated that 58 billion junk emails will be sent ever day within the next four years. Something that will cost businesses some $198 billion annually. However, some researchers believe that based on an estimated current cost of $49 annually per inbox, the total cost of spam for businesses will balloon to $257 billion per year if spam continues to flourish at its current rate.