The Multiple Personalities of Coffee [infographic]

I’m not a coffee drinker. Instead I prefer to go for the gentler and smoother hints of a great tasting tea bag smothered in milk at any point of the day. I would love to say, I wake up in the morning to the strong aromatic smell of a good Espresso or a good Latte. I am a tea drinker and forever will be. I’ve tried it once and couldn’t get the taste of Kenco out of my mouth for what seemed like a decade. So now you all know, Danielle Moon is not a coffee drinker. In my mornings, I love to wake up and make myself a good cuppa. I can have from 3-4 cups of tea in just a few hours. Crazy but that that goes for all you coffee drinkers out there. I’ve seen you, queuing up for your daily dose of caffeine in Starbucks or Costa Coffee, waiting for that strong Cuban Espresso, Café Bombón or artfully roasted and brewed fresh all morning long cup of coffee that will awaken the right soul who’s endured 2 hours of a painful commute on the London Underground.

That’s why I love this infographic, it hits on the right note for all the coffee drinkers I know out there. My mum loves her decaf cappuccino with just enough froth in it, it should barely be considered as a coffee, whilst my niece enjoys the occasional babyccino [but at 18 months, froth is hardly a coffee darling], my best friend loves an Americano and one of my other friend relies on an hourly fix of Espresso since he gave up smoking.

I would like to know, who you are….