Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Dannii, Dannii Moon to be precise, no relation to Alfie, Nanna or Button.



Yup that’s me, smiling very enthusiastically for the camera. It’s the only one I could find of me that doesn’t involve some weird face or pouting, which if you were friends with me on Facebook, is often.

About me

an award-winning social media marketer whose experience and knowledge covers social media, digital marketing and recruitment. Her background of working in recruitment and retail gave birth to a passion: to work with people and bring them together through social media. Bringing great minds together, developing awesome content and creating innovative new approaches to recruiting, has allowed Danielle to work with some of the best brands across the UK.
We recruit across area’s including:

Social Media
Digital Marketing

You can reach me on:

Twitter: @DanniiLMoon

LinkedIn: DanniiLMoon

E: danniimoon@gmail.com


If you are looking for a role or have a great position and what to speak to one of our team members, call us today on 07918 780 740 or email danielle@youandmemakes3.co.uk


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