This Is Your Brain On Social Media [infographic]

I’m constantly online. Whether for work or for personal, 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me tweeting, posting, liking or pinning one way or another. Even if I’m out socializing with friends, I’m generally pissing them off with checking my profiles at some point in the day. My mind is constantly on. Never a minute goes by that I’m not thinking about something to tweet or message about. Unless of course I’m completely out of it in sleep mode. But that’s rare. I think most of my dreams consist of  ‘to do’ lists for the next day or what I should do for work or that email that has spent overtime in my drafts box.

This great infographic by Online College Courses  shows how much we love social media and why.



What You Need To Know About The Twitter #Hashtag

Are you new to Twitter or have you been using it for a while and just haven’t got used to the idea of what the ‘#’ sign is and its use on the social networking site? They’re hashtags. Almost everyone is using them including Amy Child’s and Katie Price, if they’re using them, you sure can use them and understand how to use them correctly. Some people aren’t.

So what is it?

A hashtag is simply a relevant word or series of characters preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags help categorize messages and can make it easier for other Twitter users to search for tweets. When you search for or click on a hashtag you’ll see all the other tweets that use the same hashtag – or put simply – that hashtag makes you part of a group, topic or conversation thread.

For example, if you search #recruitment, you’ll see conversations by tweeters like this:

Hashtag thread


When you’re tweeting and using #hashtags, remember it’s a real-time platform and all searches can only go back a week.

When you search for or click on a hashtag you’ll see all other tweets that use the same hashtag. Only others who are interested in the same topic thread will likely be using the same hashtag. Unique words or phrases using the # sign and spelled with no spaces are hashtags.  You can search for hashtags in the twitter search bar or through services like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

Remember to keep in mind that overusing hashtags will appear spammy to other tweeters. Don’t tweet every time with a hashtag within the tweet or use more than 1-2 hashtags within a tweet.

I came across this great infographic by Social Caffeine explaining what you need to know about the Twitter hashtag in a simple format.


Help Us Find Missing Tom Armstrong

My friend’s little brother Tom Armstrong is missing in Thailand after doing a diving course in Koh Tao. The last time he was in contact with his family , he was due to return home over the festive period, but his mother, Helen Armstrong-Bland, said he had postponed his flight to January 8 after ‘running into trouble’ in the Thai capital Bangkok. He didn’t get on the plane.


If anyone is in Koh Tao and have seen Tom Armstrong can you please get in touch with the Suffolk Police on 101. Can you please share this and get in touch with the Police as soon as possible please.



Happy Friday Everyone

So it’s Friday. Already we’re 11 days into this year. 11 days?! Scary but what a great year this will be. 2013 is going to be the year of big change, the year that will make a big difference in my life and your lives too. I’m well onto a winning path and I know if will happen. This year is going to be amazing. Just you wait and see!


Have a great Friday, enjoy your weekend and keep your eyes peeled on what’s to come. The opportunities are just around the corner.